Smell out Sorcery

The Smell out Sorcery talent from the Insight skill seems a bit weak to me.

Prerequisite is Witch, which allows to make a D4 Insight test to gain 1 standard action / rank at the begining of the fight.

Smell out Sorcery allows you to forgo the use of Witch to instead attempt a D2 Insight to sense the presence of sorcery at medium range. It also adds that it is highly inaccurate and may affect bystanders (which I’m not sure what it means exactly).
It also has Rescue the Innocents as a prerequisite (to basically requires 3 talents to get it).

What bugs me a bit is that without any talents, you can always attempt a D1 test to detect the presence of the supernatural. It cost 1 action (doesn’t say which, so I’m guessing 1 standard).

So with 1 rank in Witch, you can basically do the same (except the range is shorter and the test is D4). If you get Witch rank 2 you would also have 1 bonus standard action remaining after the test, which seems way more useful and cost 1 less talent.

What do you think and how would you modify the Smell out Sorcery talent to make it more useful?
I was thinking of allowing the talent to spend 1 momentum/ 1 doom to automatically detect sorcery at medium range.

That Talent, especially at the high requirements to even learn it, is quite weak, indeed.

But I would think simply spending Momentum to be not a good solution. Maybe lowering the Difficulty (up to a D0 test) could be a way?