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Size of the cards?

I would like to sleeve all my cards for this game when it finally arrives, does anyone know the size of the various cards?

Gavin posted this from the FB group: “Upgrade cards, spells, traps, quests and events are Mini Euro. Adversaries, Followers, Thu’um and faction reference cards are poker. Heroes are Educational (89 X 146mm)”

Thanks for the reply. Any chance he can clarify exactly what mini euro is? My initial search shows products saying 44x68, 45x68, and 47x70 are all “mini euro”.

Poker size is 64x89?

Mini Euro is 44 x 67.
Poker is 63.5 x 88.9, so 64 x 89 is fine.


Thanks for the clarification. Any chance you could let me know how many of each type there are?

From the product page for the Core Rules box

*228 Cards: 5 Hero Cards, 13 Follower and Adversary Cards, 6 Faction Reference Cards, more than 200 Quests… etc

Thanks, but I already looked at the product description, it doesnt say how many thuum cards there are, and they are a separate size from all the others that are lumped into the 200+.

Apologies, misread your post.

Don’t have the answer for you sadly.

There’s one Thu’um card. It’s poker sized.

Educational: 5
Poker: 23
Mini Euro: 200

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Thank you.