Site down for character creator

Hey all, the websites for character creation appear to be off line I keep getting “the service is unavailable” any idea what is going on

I’ll look into it, but that generally happens when the program is being updated.


Yes I get the same thing and I have around 5 characters to make for others people who would like to try it out and I really do not want to have to do this by hand.

Just tested it to see if I get the same thing. Indeed I do.

If it’s not back up and you’re pressed for time, we have a fan-made Featured Crew collection up at Continuing Mission with characters from the show, that I made for quickstart purposes.

I’m still getting the same error.

The character creator appears to be reasonably functional in the wayback machine: You are able to go through all the steps, but not export to a pdf, so you’ll have to keep track of talents, focuses, and the lifepath events as you go through.

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I do wish Modiphius had been more proactive and communicated with us about whatever issues were going on with the CharGen site.

It was as big a surprise to us as it is to you. The fix is being worked on.

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Still down?