Ship's Power and Breen Energy Dissipation Weapon

I’m asking for some rules clarifications about the use of ship’s power and the effect of the Breen weapon…

Ship’s power is generated at full at the start of a scene and it does not get used for basic operations (life support, communications, computers and basic maneuvering).

Does that mean ship’s power is subtracted when doing the following…

1)each time the players fire the weapons
2)each time the players do extraordinary maneuvers such as evasive action
3)using the scanners
4)using the transporters
4)going to warp
5)restoring power to the shields

So the player ship enters a star system with shields up and it has 10 power. Immediately, they are struck by an enemy that does six damage. The player ship has five resistance, which absorbs five points of damage and one remaining is subtracted from the shields. They scan the system (using one power). A Breen ship is closing from long range to short range. The player ship returns fire (using one energy). Also restores shields (using one energy). At the end of the first exchange, the player ship has 7 power remaining.

Further rounds that unfold like the one above are going to come down to which ship has more power that it can use to restore shields and return fire with. If the exchange goes on for more than three similar rounds, the player ship is going to be out of power, unable to fire weapons, unable to restore shields, and vulnerable to breaches.

Now if the Breen Energy Dissipation Weapon was deployed in the above scene and during the second round of combat with the objective of draining six power from the player ship, it would need to use eight of its power and a hit would leave the player character ship with 1 power. Assuming the player ship returned fire during the same round, they’d be left with 0 power at the end of the second round. The Breen ship would have 1 power remaining (assuming it chose not to restore any power to its shields after the first round), which it can use to warp out of the system without being pursued.

Ship’s power doesn’t get restored until the end of the scene.

Does this seem correct or am I getting something wrong about power use during star ship combat?

Power Management Task (Engineering & Internal Systems) can generate power.

Oh. That is a good point. I forgot about that Task. Thanks!