Rules Question - Power Uses

What are all the uses of Ship’s Power? Is it only those outlined in Chapter 9 of the rule book (Impulse, Warp, Evasive Action, Attack Pattern, Ramming Speed). If that is the case then the game mechanic seems to be tied entirely to Helm functions or am I wrong? Are there also Ops, Tactical, Science, or Communications uses for Power?


Phasers and Cloaks take power.

Energy weapon attacks use power (Tactical p231), so does regenerating shields (Internal Systems p224), and cloaking devices (p259). I dare say you could come up with other uses on the fly, but most operations are covered by core systems (p216).

(If you’re worried it won’t get used, remember that most vessels don’t have much to start with :D)

I guess I’m trying to sort out of the main uses of power. So…

  • Impulse, Warp, Evasive Action, Attack Pattern, Ramming Speed
  • Phasers (basic attack cost 1, increase damage by 1d6 cost 2)
  • Signal Jamming
  • Transporters
  • Cloaking Device (cost 3)
  • Regenerating Shields
  • Using it to generate Momentum when attempting a Task with the ship.

Are there any other uses?