Sherpa All Terrain Ground Vehicle (SNW) Season Finale

I used BC Holmes site and the Shuttlepod creation matrix to build stats for the
Sherpa 4x4 ATV in the colony scenes in the season finale.

Considering writing up the 6x6 and 8x8 Argus ATVs next.

My take on Stats for the Sherpa ATVs as seen in the Strange New Worlds S2 finale. A standardized ground vehicle as part of a colonies initial equipment. Built to be tough and reliable with easy and low maintenance. Very high power to weight ratio means this has no difficulty climbing steep slopes or pulling trailers or equipment. Two seats up front and space enough for six in the seats provided they are friendly and approximately human size. The entire front opens as a door and does a large single door in the cabin rear wall. The communications equipment is excellent and ground to orbit comms is simple, and relay by ground station or satellite extends this. The computer is very minimal and the onboard sensors are equivalent to a tricorder with a screen center front for the driver and front passenger to view and another screen in the rear wall of the cabin for passengers. The sensors are operated from the front seats only. The body is a ceramic titanium composite that resists corrosion and weather and does not transfer heat or cold as a form of insulation. Thank you to BC Holmes for the generator. I used the shuttlepod scale for a Sherpa ATV.
Sherpa_ATV-starship.pdf (193.0 KB)