Scenario - Casus Belli at Mount Kellen

Not sure if anyone is interested, but I wrote and play-tested with three different groups a Dune scenario “Casus Belli at Mount Kellen”. I’d be happy to share the link to the Google doc write-up to folks who PM me. Or pass on to Modiphius if they have a repository of fan-made scenarios. It worked quite nicely the couple of times I played it. I have difficulties finding a regular group to play Dune, although I got very intrigued by the system, and I designed a scenario that specifically exploit several interesting mechanics (the warfare and intrigue conflicts specifically).

Synopsis below.


The mining concession on planet Lemnos is uneasily split between House Kira and House Safr according to an old CHOAM sanctioned treaty. However, the recent discovery of a vein of Rheingold on Mount Kellen has reignited the feud between the two Houses, with both houses laying claim over their rights to extract this metal, highly sought after by the Tleilaxu for their cloning technology. Both houses have already moved troops around the disputed area and filed formal complaints to the Emperor. Tension is rising to untenable levels and House Neleus (player house), known for its talents in diplomacy and mediation, is asked by the Emperor himself to find a peaceful resolution of this conflict.

Houses Kira and Safr are meeting at an old compound in the Kellen Mountain, in a round of negotiations organized by House Neleus. The houses have reluctantly agreed to a 24-hour window to come to a settlement. The action takes place over one evening of formalities, possibly one night of warfare, and one day of negotiations.


I’m always happy to get additional ideas for my campaign. :heart_eyes:

I modified this scenario and ran it for my players.

They went off piste and circumvented a chunk of the plot, not that I expected them to actually follow anything as planned.
I think one of the main differences is that while House Neleus does want to be peacekeepers and find a mutually acceptable solutions, House Sindri approached it from the view of what they can get out the situation while keeping a lid on things.

A fun session, thanks for providing it.

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I wish I could read your adventure. I am looking for an adventure to play with my friends and maybe yours is a good option. Thank you very much for the offer.
Best regards.

Hey there. Very cool. Just discovering this thread (and the link with the summary). Fun to see that your players went sideways with it. I guess the two or three times I ran it, players decided to be more disciplined. Or perhaps it was that as a one shot, they had less of an own agenda. In any event. Thanks for riffing on it and sharing.

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Hey there. Sorry for some reason I thought I had included a valid link, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Open access here if interested.

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Thank you very much for sharing it.

@degroove Are you still willing to share the scenario you crafted? I’d love to see it!

Degroove readded the link in his latest post.