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Save Against Fear 2019

Salutations everyone! I will running STA and Conan at the Save Against Fear CON ( in Harrisburg, PA, USA next month. SAFe will run from October 11 - 13 at the Harrisburg Mall. They’ve gotten bigger each year since they started almost 10 years ago.

ItThe Bodhana Group (, a non-profit organization that has pursued the use of role playing games for therapeutic purposes.


That’s awesome Dytrrnikl! It’s good to see activism like that in my old town … of course … frustrating too, because it wasn’t there when I lived there, lol!

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Save Against Fear has come and gone. I got to run Conan for the first time - The Red Pit twice. I also ran Star Trek Adventures for two sessions - The Gravity of the Crime and Signals (acouple of attendees who missed the chance to play in Gravity begged me to run another session for their group of Trekkies).

For the Red Pit, one session ended with a TPK. One of the players - whose character was opportunist and conniving, after a particularly difficult round, turned on the group. IN that session, I got to see my first Complication Yahtzee - 5 20s on one roll! Matters deteriorated rapidly at that point. The second session, fortune favored the players when they would be on the receiving end of things - as I was rolling a lot of nothing on damage, even when spending Doom to re-roll damage.

Both sessions of Star Trek were filled with newbies who were either unfamiliar with Modiphious or knew about the game, but never had a chance to play. The players who got to experience Gravity of the Crime thought it was a fantastic scenario trying to juggle a murder investigation without completely breaking the Prime Directive. They chose to speed the investigation along with Federation tech over doing things the old fashion way. For those who got to enjoy Signals, they enjoyed how the scenario was an easy lead in to further adventures and the creativity built into STA with how attributes and disciplines could be combined in various ways for Tasks.

All in all, it was fantastic time! Better yet, I had the opportunity to introduce players to two different Modiphious games. Thank you Modiphious for all of your creativity and hard work!

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