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[RULES] Doubt about Fortitude and Obfuscate

Good evening everyone! I have a question for you about VTM 5E.

Specifically, I’m referring to the Fortitute discipline, one of the first powers you can choose, Unswayable mind .

Here is the text for more clarity.

"The user acquires a mystical ability to resist any attempts to influence him through worldly spells, coercion and cunning. Some show the Unfundable Mind as Zen calm, others as supernatural obstinacy. System: The user adds his Fortitude points as extra dice on any roll made to resist coercion, intimidation, seduction, or any other attempt to influence the user’s mind against his will. This power also works against supernatural abilities like Dominate and Presence. "

I wonder, does it work against obfuscate ?

Because obfuscate is a form of environmental mesmerism… and unswayable mind talks about being able to resist dominate too! Discipline that uses mesmerism, in fact.

Also, going down even more specifically.

Using the 4 dot of obfuscate , which I insert below:

VANISH: The vampire can activate Cloak of Shadows and Unseen Passage even while under direct observation. The vampire appears to vanish in the blink of an eye; even the memory of them becomes foggy and indistinct. Cost: As per power augmented Says Pools: Wits + Obfuscate vs Wits + Awareness System: When vanishing in front of a mortal, roll a contest of Wits + Obfuscate vs Wits + Awareness. On a win, the observer questions whether the vampire was ever there to begin with; their memory clouds on the topic. With a critical win, the vampire vanishes entirely from the observer’s memory. This power does not affect vampires’ memories, but any win by the user hides them as if they initiated their power unobserved.

In this case, would the power of fortitude grant additional dice to the roll against obfuscate ?

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Yes, Unswayable Mind let’s you add fortitude to roll against ANY disciplines that would affect the mind. Dominate and Presence just happen to be the two most common disciplines to typically have to roll against. Keep in mind that the power has to be active before the roll is called for. Just because there is no cost to activate a power, does not mean that it is always active.

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