Rewarding Your Players

What are some of the rewards you give your players for engaging deeper into the game. I’m trying to nudge my players towards their values. Previously, I made cards to remind them of their Talents and massaged how to use them so it would be easier for my players. I’m thinking about doing something similar with Values. Putting them or a popular Star Trek quote on a card and rewarding players when they find an fun way to insert them into the session.

Actually, I might create a pile of Values/Quote cards. Have each player draw one. When they succeed at using that Value or inserting that quote, they are rewarded. Then they draw another card and wait for an opportunity to use it. How does that sound?

I can give out Momentum, but I feel like they already have sufficient opportunity to earn Momentum.

Thanks for your help!

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This article has a nice explanation of how to challenge Values. It also mentions some best practices for GMs, such as keeping a shortlist of all the Values of each PC. It also suggests making stories that spotlight certain characters by making a narrative that is likely to motivate them to challenge their Values.

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