Restore Minor Action Difficulty

My understanding is that a system is impacted by any breaches under the threshold for it to be considered damaged, disabled, or destroyed. The system can’t be used again until a Restore Minor Action has been completed. However, I can’t find any indication of the difficulty of a restore minor action. Does anyone know what it is?

Also, if a ship’s systems could suffer two breaches to a system before being damaged and a restore minor action has already be completed for the first breach, would that same restore minor action be required if the system received another breach? I’m assuming that it would.

Minor actions are not Tasks, so they have no difficulty. You get one minor action per turn plus 1 more for each momentum spent.

As for the second question, yes, you have to do a restore minor action each time the system suffers a beach.

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Thank you!

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Yeah, it’s meant more to be an inconvenience rather than a meaningful obstacle, at least if you’ve got your stations properly staffed, nobody’s gotten hurt, and you’re not trying to do too much. It does, however, mean that if your weapons are knocked offline by a breach, nobody can use Override to fire your phasers until after the Tactical officer has had a chance to restore them. This can be a surprising impediment during a tough fight.

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It caught us a couple of times in our ENT game. All set to fire Photonics when we get a weapon breach. Great! Now it costs a momentum/threat to calibrate.

Plus you cannot Direct a second attack either.