Momentum cost for extra minor actions?

One of our D&D players is busy at work this week, so we are going to play a Star Trek Adventures one shot, and explore strange new worlds rather than plundering subterranean temples of elemental evil.

In preparation, I was re-familiarizing myself with the rules so I can elucidate the differences between STA and Conan (which we’ve all been playing for a while - the PCs are almost at 11k xp). I noticed that the quick start rules say (on p. 13) that additional Minor Actions cost Momentum equal to the number of Minor Actions already performed that Turn - so the cost of extra minor actions increases, starting at 1, then 2, 3, etc. So moving a zone, interact with the airlock to open it, drawing your phaser, dropping prone, and aiming costs 0+1+2+3+4=10 Momentum (or Threat).

But the core STA rules say each Minor Action costs 1 Momentum, period. So all move, interact, draw, drop prone, and aim would cost 4 Momentum.

I’m guessing the core rules would supersede the quickstart rules - right?

Playtest and preview both had increasing costs.
6 vs 3 additional minors is a pretty strong difference.

Correct, according to the rules from the core rulebook (page 171-172), each additional minor action after the first costs 1 momentum each. Moving would be first, then Interact, Draw, Drop Prone, and Aim would cost 4 momentum or threat. If they want to do all of that and do not have enough momentum for all, they can split the cost between Momentum and Threat. (3 Momentum and 1 Threat, half and half, or 1 Momentum and 3 Threat.)

One more specification is that you may only perform 1 of each minor action per round, and can not do both the Drop Prone and Stand minor actions in the same turn.

Also, under movement, it says that you can not take that minor action if the character performs any movement-related tasks.

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Yes. This was a change fairly late in development, as we were finding that very few players actually took advantage of the options that multiple minor actions provided, because the cost was too punitive.

Minor Actions cost 1 Momentum (or Threat) per minor action taken after the first.



The players have played a lot of Conan; I suspect there may be a lot of extra minor actions. :grin: