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Reman star fleet officer?

Ok so I have a player wondering about making a Reman Star fleet officer during the dominion war any ideas on how that would work cuz my mind is blank. I know they where shock troops for the romulans but thats about all I can find. I guess my question is how to make a reman pc during the dominion war seeing as they are slaves until nemesis the movie happens


If you are after plot reasons then you could have them being an escaped slave (or descendent thereof) who wants to give back to the Federation for rescuing them from the Romulans.

Another possibility is that due to political games high up there was an agreement to do an officer exchange between Star Fleet and the Romulan Navy. Some in the Romulan Navy objected so sent a Reman as an insult. Politics changes and the Reman is no longer wanted back so transfers formally to Star Fleet.


Another possibility, Spock during his Romulus infiltration/Reunification mission, met one and can even sign a recommendation letter.


You guys might know of the Certifiably Ingame youtube channel, just found them after reading your post. Nice 10 minute video on the Remans. Maybe you or your players might find it helpful. REMAN: Cultural Index - YouTube

I was thinking of a few scenarios that a Reman may have made its way to Star Fleet

  1. A transport ship from the Romulan empire was transporting Reman children to a new mining site, in suspended animation. The ship encounter an anomaly and all crew aboard the ship died, then the ship drifted a crossed into the neutral zone were a federation ship found it and recused the infant Remans.
  2. A Romulan defector may have had some Reman Body guards that accompanied him or her to the federation. With no use for them now with the federations protection, He/She allowed them to explore their freedom.
  3. A Federation prisoner of war was abandon in the dilithium mines but, with their vast engineering expertise, and the help of a few fellow miners built a make shift escape rocketed powered by the same dilithium they were mining from the Rolumans, and may even had Jerry rigged cloaking device on the rocket. When they made it back to the federation the Star Fleet officer sponsored the Remans application to Star Fleet academy. Be cool if that Star Fleet officer was Montgomery Scott.