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Regain Guard and Retaliate

Does the Minor Action “Regain Guard” provide an opportunity for the Retaliate Reaction?

Retaliate “may be used when an enemy attempts to make a non-attack skill test when within Reach of the character or when an enemy attempts to move out of Reach of the character without using the Withdraw action.”

Regain Guard would seem to meet that requirement.

It was asked in this topic but not answered: Dagger against Spear! Guard and Reach

I don’t have my book in front of me but I don’t remember regaining guard requiring a skill check so it shouldn’t allow for retaliate reaction. If I am mistaken (my players rarely use items with reach so this is rarely a problem) then as it is a skill check then it would.


Regain Guard takes a Parry test. So if someone is within reach then I would say yeah Retaliate can be used. Unless Parry is considered an attack skill test. I don’t think it is though.


Now this I know. As you are not actually parrying but using the parry skill to roll against it isn’t an attack. So, yeah, it would allow for retaliation.

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Personally I’d say that it’s part of fighting so no. I’d reserve retaliate for “let me stop and patch this ally’s stab wound,” “let me perform this magical ritual,” or “let me pretend that picking a lock is a thing I can do in a hectic high stress 6 second combat turn.” If I were to let retaliate go off for a regain guard then I might as well let you retaliate against the opposed parry roll for an attack.


I kinda get this. But… being able to Regain Guard on an unopposed Parry Test makes the ‘Break Guard’ momentum spend kinda bad. Particularly when Disarm is usually the same Momentum cost (and realistically achieves an extremely similar mechanical outcome).

I’m already erring to allow Break Guard off appropriate Exploit actions. I’m running a low fantasy game, so my two PCs are both ‘rogues’ so daggers aplenty, and in the first game one of my players successfully broke his target’s guard by a Persuade check prior to combat to luring a guard into a room and then later by using an Exploit action to Dodge under the boss’ Guard.

So it makes sense to me that you can Retaliate vs a Regain Guard, which would turn the action into a Struggle. Particularly since characters who choose to Break Guard are likely to have low Reach weapons, so it’s likely to be D1 or at most D2 for the character trying to Regain Guard.

That, and I’m a fan of anything that can convince my players to give me more Doom.

Thanks for the feedback though. :slight_smile: