Disarm and Break Guard momentum spends

Hello everyone!

I’m still new-ish GM for this fantastic game. 5 or so sessions in with my group, some issues still pop up, but are generally solved after digging through this forum. We are still confused about the disarm and break guard momentum spends though;

For disarm for instance, is it part of an attack roll? If so, are hit location and damage rolled on a successful attack, and the disarm effect applied upon spending those 2 momentum?

Based on the wording of the break guard momentum spend, I assume it can be used on either a successful defense or attack roll, but in the latter case, do you also roll for hit location and damage?

Hi mate-
i believe you deal your damage then apply the effect- such as disarm or break guard
the rule our group has agreed upon is that if you disarm- you deal damage to the arm in which the weapon is held (or roll left or right for a 2H weapon) and break guard you deal damage and describe how the damage dealt forces the enemy to drop their ‘guard’

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Disarm and Break Guard are (non-immediate) Momentum spends. This means you have to do a successful skill test and then spend the required Momentum to achieve the desired effect.

The skill test does not necessarily have to be an attack, and it is not a requirement that the character deals damage (and thus the hit location does not matter). Of course, using Disarm after an attack is convenient, but you can technically do any other skill test depending on what the GM allows.

Break Guard in particular is very non-descriptive, and you can flavor it however you like.

  • Your rogue wants to slip through a sentry’s legs? No problem, make an Acrobatics test and since the sentry is confused by the maneuver, you may then spend 2 Momentum to break its guard.
  • Your hunter wants to distract the wolf so that the other one can attack it? No problem, make an Animal Handling test and then spend 2 Momentum to break the wolf’s guard.
  • Your jester wants to taunt someone? No problem, make a Persuade test and then spend 2 Momentum to break the target’s guard because it is so infuriated by the insult.

Essentially, all Momentum spends (that are not immediate) require a successful skill test. But what skill you use does not matter. It only matters how you narratively describe it and that it makes sense. Then the GM picks the most appropriate skill. Many momentum spends can be part of a skill test for an attack, but don’t have to be.


So, does it matter who initiated the test? We decided after the fact that it did but when the little sorceress ended up losing the struggle for her attack on a band of dero, It just felt right for the two minions to disarm her and then fight over the hammer for a round. It wasn’t their attack, it was hers but the mad little critters doubled her momentum and . . . and . . . In the end I gave up four doom (I did have a big pile at the time) and we carried on but I am curious which way this is supposed to be ruled.


No it doesn’t matter who initiated the test in a struggle. You can use these Momentum spends after a successful skill test, it does not matter why you are making the skill test or what triggered it.

Of course, the GM can deny specific Momentum spends because it narratively makes no sense.