Reducing a Nemesis to Toughened for plot purposes

Has anyone reduced a Nemesis (there’s a few) to Toughened as you want to use them to hurt the PCs, for PLOT REASONS, not make the Encounter a ‘Nemesis Level Event’?

The plotline involves a beasty that is cursed/controllled by the Nemesis/BBEG… I’m being cagey in case my players pop onto these forums…

I was thinking of just taking a Toughened Human and bolting on some, not all, of the Nemesis Doom spends and abilities… any thoughts , you much experienced GMs than me… (as it’s only going to be session #3 for me as GM!)

I have time to playtest the theory in action before the next session too…

A toughened NPC can down with a single hit from a combat focused PC. So much depends on your party composition. I’ve had games where to even be a viable threat I used multiple Nemesis opponents because I had two combat focused characters and one just as “deadly” with social skills.

Even Nemesis can be taken down by combat focused player with the correct set of talents and weapons, rending them quite useless with 3 wounds for “Hello”. Feel free to water down or toughen any NPC that you find suitable for the narrative.

Nothing in the system out of the box, following the standard rules for encounter building & composition can challenge properly developed characters and party that leverage momentum/doom mechanics correctly.,

100%. Nemesis though can spend 3 doom as a Fortune, which gives them at least some staying power.

Thanks guys… they’ve only just started and I’m running it entirely as ‘Chapters’… where each session has little or no link to the previous session. It’s all written and I’ll go with it as a playtest.
We’re rotating the GM role and next time I’m set to run Conan it will be a loose campaign based in Cimmeria, Pictish Wilderness and the North

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