Recommended modules for convention play

Greetings! I have decided to run Star Trek Adventures at a local gaming con in October. I’m looking for recommended modules to run: something in the four to six hour length, doesn’t require a deep dive into the rules, and doesn’t demand esoteric Trek knowledge for players to enjoy.

I’m an experienced GM, but this will be the first time I’ll run a session at a con.

Thanks in advance!

Why not use the part of “Signals” (first mission of the Living Campaign) that is printed within the Quick Start Rules?

Signals would work nicely, as well as Rescue at Xerxes (from the back of the Core Rulebook). I’ve run Rescue at Xerxes at Save Against Fear con in Harrisburg, PA during the playtest of STA. Still think it is a great mission to help the GM and Players get their feet wet with the 2d20 system used in STA.


Try the adventure contained in the starter set (or also available by itself as a PDF). It was designed to help teach the rules as you play. You can also browse through the many free adventures available in the living campaign, though many of those are linked to some extent and might need a little tweaking to work as a standalone.

None of the adventures we publish require an esoteric knowledge of Star Trek or any specific episode. I’ve tried to make sure they’re all standalone and can work in any era of play.

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Ghost Writer (as found in Mopiphius magazine issue 3) was such a fun experience for our team. I would suggest that one.

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For fan original adventures, check out my module, Symbiosis Failure.