Question about Combat and Damage

Am I correct that the type of the base damage of an attack is always based on the type of that attack? Even if the attacker uses a sword or a psychic symbol?

So if you insult some one while using your sword you will make 2 + Momentum spend CD confusion damage and one point of injury damage for every effect, or am I wrong?

I don’t think that’s possible (at least not without taking a second Conflict action). “Spoken actions never include attribute tests.” (p274) What you’re describing sounds like a Conflict action. And you’d have to decide whether you want to insult or to use your sword. Essentially, a single attack amounts to a single Conflict action.

You could, though, attempt the following – First Conflict action: insult. Second Conflict action: use the sword. Or vice versa. You can gain an extra Conflict action in a single turn via Luck Points, the Swift Action Momentum Spend and one of the Grade 4 Talents.

If I understood the streamed session correctly (the audio was bad) then the damaged is based on the attributes used for defence.

Yup. P65: “The attribute combination used when defending against an attack determines the type of damage inflicted… If more than one stress track is applicable, the player chooses which stress track to apply the damage to.”