Query on assets created using determination

Another quick query… (sorry!)

Looking at the Core book (p191) you can create a Quality 1 asset with a point of determination that lasts the whole session, and spend 2 momentum to make it Quality 2.

On p152, If you create an asset with momentum alone in a scene, you can make it permanent by spending a total of 4 momentum (2pt to create, 2pts to make permanent).

The question: Can you spend an extra 2 momentum to make a determination derived asset permanent?

Never apologise for asking questions, ask away! :slight_smile:

Thats a good point, I see no reason for a determination asset not to be made permanent in the same way as with momentum. If the Quality works out rather high (anything 2 or above) the GM might make it more expensive though, as while Determination is a valuable resource, assets of high quality are much scarcer.

Thank you - the potential for abuse was the one thing that worried me, but I guess there’s no reason why as a GM I can’t either just have them last at higher quality for longer, or target the assets.

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Yup. The GMs word (and the rule of fun) overrules anything and everything we put in the rulebook if need be.
(just in case you need an official statement!) :slight_smile: