Creating an asset and descriptors

I am having trouble applying the rule on how to create temporary Assets using Momentum from a roll.

The rule clearly states that I can create the quality 0 Asset spending 2 Momentum, same as if I created a Truth (Aspect? Trait? I don’t remember the name in this game).
I suppose this can create any asset from the rulebook with quality 0, or anything the player comes up with. But how many descriptors can this asset have? As many as he wants or there’s a limit?

If there’s a limit to the number of descriptors, can he use extra Momentum to give more descriptors to the created Asset? Or consider giving it “negative” descriptors to compensate the extra “positive” ones?


The answers you’re after are on page 168.
Basically its a difficulty 2 test to create an asset or trait, which is always quality 0.
This takes an action to do of course.
It then costs 2 momentum if you want to make it a permanent asset, which is a spend you can do at any time and doesn’t cost an action.

As to layering or the like, thats up to you.
Basically, assets are just another form of traits, and several traits can apply to any person or object.
So your knife asset is good in a fight, but if it also has the crest of your House it might be used in trade to seal a deal and prove your membership.
Of course, if you lose the knife, you have lost both those assets, so the other real limit is that you are putting a lot of eggs in one basket.
It may also get narratively tricky, as remember you have to have a narrative reason for creating new traits.
So you can’t say ‘I pull out the orntithopter I had in my pocket all along’
but you can say ‘there is an ornithopter park just a street away, I bet someone left the keys in one of them’.
The more traits applied to the same item, the more you stretch the narrative.
‘Oh, so this is also the knife that killed the Emperor as well as being blessed by the Bene Gesserit and once owned by the greatest Ginaz swordmaster’. :slight_smile:

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