Quantronic attacks: Programs and damage min-maxing

How do you handle using maximum damage output programs for all attacks, no matter what the program is actually supposed to do?
In Infinity you can have a lot of different programs for your Hacking Devices.
Most of those programs have a certain damage code.
Some have much higher base damage and a higher number of damage dice than others.
Like CLAW 3 Total Control doing 1+2[CD] damage, Vicious 3, special Breach Effect.
Or UPGRADE Stop! doing 2+6[CD] damage, Breaker, Immobilising.
Obviously, Total Control is intended to control a system to execute a specific order.
Obivously, Stop! Upgrade is intended to be used against mobile, mechanized systems to make them stop.

But as UPGRADE Stop! does 2+6[CD] damage, I find my players using this for nearly all their quantronic attacks, as it has the highest damage code.
Is there anything given in the rules that prevents using any program with a damage code for attacking any target (like personal or zone firewalls)?

My problem with this is less to grant the player characters a high-damage programm, but more that I find using a Stop! Upgrade as a “universal weapon” for all situations is quite unplausible. It is intended to make a mobile system, like a TAG, well, stop. But using that to hack all firewalls the character encounters seems to be off regarding the inner logic of the game world.

What do you think? How do you handle this?