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Multiple Hacking Devices?

Is it possible to use multiple hacking devices at once or can you use only one at a time?

i did a quick scan of the players guide, core book, and gm’s guide and i don’t see anything related to this question. the way i would recommend playing it is that the devices can’t share programs and would ask the player to spend their minor action toggling between the two. and i would still cap supportware at one active.


That makes sense especially if a character has an assault hacking device, a white hacking device, and a hacking device plus. You would have to make sure each device doesn’t have the same exact program. It would make for interesting role playing that’s for certain.

Also the program templates listed at the very back of the game mastery book provide some great ideas.

Although just curious here: what programs would you give a character who has assault hacking device, hacking device plus, and defensive hacking device who likes to target enemy TAGs and vehicles and turn them them on their comrades as well as to protect the hacker’s own friends from hacking attacks while also downloading enemy intel?

i probably wouldn’t give the pc anything. :slight_smile: i’d have them figure out what programs they want to acquire and then roll through that process.

i think CLAW-? Total Control is the best program for that, iirc. or an upgrade like Stop! an i think we’d play it that the attack action would be based off the Exploit warfare action which gives the -2 penetration on security, with a 1+2N damage +X for attributes. cause at least five damage to the firewall stress for the breach and then make the momentum spends for breach effects.


I have asked this question on the 2d20 Gaming Discord and got an answer by @Modiphius-Nathan:

Only one at a time; they’re too complex to try and use more than one at once


Makes sense. Even in a high tech society like the one featured in the Infinity universe there are just some things that are still complex. By the way you have a link to that Discord? I have questions about the Genemods listed in the Nomads book.

Thank you! Appreciate it!

Also and I don’t see this in the rules but is it possible for you to use one hacking device while your Geist uses another one?

Say for example: you and another character who is piloting an Anaconda TAG and you’re both fighting a Raicho and Combined Army hacker. While you’re using your defensive hacking device to protect your friend and his TAG, your Geist uses the assault hacking device on the Combined Army TAG. Is this possible?

maybe at the geist’s abilities, which are low. and i think it matters what platform they’re on. you geist via your comlog using one device while you use another seems a little cheesy in terms of the one device limit. your geist on a EVO remote like a salyut zond seems to me like a more viable path (but still limited by the geists TNs).

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Yeah now that you mentioned all of that it does sound sort of cheesy way to get around the one device limit, although having your Geist uses its stats instead of yours does make things more interesting and challenging.