Public awareness of Shasvastii presence on the inner worlds of the Human Sphere?

Some of the source books (like the current Hypercorps) and some adventures set before the Uprising (so about 67NC, maybe 68NC) imply in their texts, that Shasvastii presence in other systems than Paradiso is well known in the general public, that shouting out “Shasvastii!” and pointing a finger at someone, or producing media clips where people in the inner worlds of the Human Sphere lamenting the exchange and loss of family members by Shasvastii are prompting a strong response, because everyone not only knows what a Shasvastii is, but seems to believe them to be already everywhere in the Human Sphere.

Is there any information about those first actually publicly confirmed cases of Shasvastii infiltration on worlds other than Paradiso in any of the RPG or miniature game source books? I couldn’t find this information.

And as some published adventures and the Hypercorps source book seem to assume that everyone already knows the Shasvastii are everywhere, while at the starting time of the core book, 67NC, the public information only confirms Shasvastii to be on Paradiso - and even the existence of Shasvastii is not public knowledge in the first place, this produces some awkwardness and conflicts in description.

Should I assume that in a campaign set in 67NC everyone of the general public is aware of Shasvastii “everywhere”, so that such an accusation or warning of someone being a Shasvastii is taken seriously?
After which date are there officially confirmed cases of Shasvastii that the general public became aware of?
(And what effect had that on society? Panic, riots, lynchings of people who are accused of being an alien infiltrator?)

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Real world equivalent: Salem Witch Trials…
Pop fantasy equivalent: Marvel’s Skrull invasion… It doesn’t matter how educated/sophisticated the general populace is, the boogey-man is always a means to terrify/control them…