Corvus Belli's books as source material

I recently bought Corvus Belli’s Infinity Artbook One and the graphic novel Outrage to use as visual inspiration for Infinity RPG and I found them both useful. Now I’m wondering if any of the other books contain useful information for role players as well. Any comments on that?

Drat, I have a nasty suspicion that there may be shopping in my future …

Yep. I know I (and others!) have referenced them in the material we’ve done - and will be doing - for Infinity.

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There’s the Core Book from Infinity N3 and I think the the Campaign Books have a Separate Book for the fluff

I don’t have the last 2 infinity books, Dedallus fall which relate the start of the third offensive of the combined army upon paradiso. Spoiler human get their ■■■■■ kicked. And uprising which relate the secession of the japanese from the state empire of yu jing. Spoiler japanese are getting their ■■■■■ kicked until panO intervene and they are now and independant nationm, become the most spectacular failure of yu jing and a major loss of face.

I do have the core rulebook n3 and the human sphere n3 books and they do provide interesting material. But it’s more in terms of small detail adding a lot of flavor since in a way the rpg tend to have longer and deeper lore texts.

Thanks for the feedback. Based on that I think that, for now, I will stick with the RPG sourcebooks.

I have the N3 Core Books as well as the Human Sphere books. I also have the 3rd Offensive Book. I haven’t picked up Daedalus Fall yet.

The Core Books have a lot of basic plot information about the Infinity world. Since the Core Books are focused on the miniatures game, it is a bit more focused on the military of the various factions. There is a lot of background information there. A lot of it is duplicated in the Infinity RPG Core Book. What I find most valuable in the Core Books are the unit descriptions. Many models from the miniatures game get a few paragraphs of flavor text devoted to them. For me, this almost helps the miniature books become a type of “Monster Manual” for the RPG. When you’re playing the miniatures game you mostly care about the stats of the model. In the RPG, you care more about the background and plot information. Where could I use type of trooper in my campaign? What would an individual trooper be like, personality-wise? They have this information in the Core Books.

The Third Offensive book has a lot of plot-advancement information on the changes to Paradiso. If you are interested in your Infinity RPG campaign being involved in any of the fighting on Paradiso, or evacuations of some of the areas that are in the middle of the fighting, it has a lot of great information. Again, most of it is focused on the military aspects of the various factions though. So if that doesn’t interest you, you could skip it.

I’m looking forward to picking up Daedalus Fall, and I still need to pick up Uprising, which I’m very interested in.

Thanks for the detailed info. So it has more material, but mostly for military campaigns. Ok, I’m more inclined for a spionage/ spec ops kind of campaing so I can probably skip that for now. Probably it would be a nice visual aid (there’s a lot of description on the RPG without any illustrations), but the price is a little steep for visual aids. And I already got the Artbook anyway…

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Try the Human Sphere wiki:

It’s a great resource which has some of the flavor text, and pictures of the units in many cases. I’ve copied a lot of them into Realm Works, which I use to manage my Infinity campaign. In most cases, I think the flavor text for the unit is the flavor text Corvus Beli has on their store for the model in question.

For espionage type stuff, the RPG Core Book definitely has a lot more information. Like the various spy agencies for the factions, etc.