Proudly presents: Support Characters

My players had some interesting ideas so here’s some support characters they created

  • Charles Gerard Tremaine the syndicalist ship Janitor
    Race: Human
    Section: Engineering
    Starting Focuses: Cleaning, Syndicalism, Starfleet Procedures
    First Appearance during a scénario they encounter a generational ship and all the players knew it was pre-warp and needed help, but nobody said it was pre-warp. The chief engineer call for the least capable of answering the question does the ship has a warp drive? Could it be possible that they ejected their warp drive ?
    So here comes Charles. Not wanting to make it easy I made him a syndicalist and that answering these questions wasn’t in his job contract, they have to convince him.
    After that he still appears and was even incarnated by players in unexpected circumstances. gaining Focuses Being unnoticed and Knowledge of the ship being able to open all doors during a ship lock-down (10 successes) resulting in an “open all doors” advantage a trick he used to clean all rooms. He also upsets the Chief Engineer and the Head of Security in the process. And gained some talents too in other adventures.
    Quirks: Despise the Ferengi for exploiting laborers and Orion Syndicate for usurping the syndicate name.
    The last of his kind: one of the last syndicalists in the Federation. His own syndicate.has only him in it. But he was elected with 100% of the votes. It’s an hereditary family function.
    My plans for this character: if at one point they go to DS9 I plan to make him encounter Benjamin Sisko one of the most prominent figure in syndicalism history.

Presenting Doctor (Lt.) Bogga, a Benubolan who is brilliant at almost anything.
Fist appeared on a away mission to a frozen planet where he claimed down a sheer ice cliff without equipment to save the two Andorian security officers who fell. (Double 1 rolled)
From there on he was the go to Support for EVERY away mission. And he kept delivering.
Winning against a romulan sniper in a long range duel? Check! (he just wanted to lay down covering fire…)
Personality wise, he likes to crack jokes, sometimes even pranks on the crew.
(helped to create a holodeck Programm for new crew arrivals (they get transported to the holodeck showing the ship, often ending in desaster (core breach for example))
Also he likes to say like Bones McCoy does. “I’m a doctor not…” but still doing and excelling at whatever is needed.