Star Trek Adventures: Using Crew Support

Hi all. I have a question about using crew support. Is it meant to be used to actually create a supporting character, or can it be used in a more ‘meta’ way to create an advantage. Say, if you needed to roll for damage control you might use 2 crew plots to create an advantage of having a top engineering team on the spot. In this way it would be like using the points as you would momentum. Any thoughts?

Well, technically there’s both in the rules.

The crew support as listed on the ship’s character sheet is your hardcap of supporting characters per adventures as of p. 134 (and 217) of the Core Rulebook. Thus, “total” crew support on the ship’s character sheet is equal to scale, unless the ship has talents to increase this number. The “current” crew support would start equal to “total” at the start of every adventure and decrease by 1 every time a supporting character (be it newly created or recurring from a prior adventure) is introduced to the adventure.

However, there’s also the mechanic of assisting personnel, e.g. the engineering team assisting the chief engineer in sealing a breach. The mechanic of equipment is used, see the sidebar on p. 185 of the Core Rulebook. This is, in essence just a ‘normal’ advantage and does not, in any way, relate mechanically to the number of crew support on the ship’s character sheet. Instead, it’s a question of Momentum and/or Threat.

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Ok. I think I have it. Hey, does anyone use a sheet they’ve created to help with ship combat, mostly for a virtual game. I’ve been trying to come up with one to aid with keeping track with power use, shields and damage. I wanted to see what other people have come up with.

For Online Gaming, I use roll20 so I just add bars above the ship token and track it that way.
On paper, I just write down Stuff like this:

Romulan Warbird
Shields 20 15 10 5 0
Hull 5 4 3 2
Power 5 4

For me this is the simplest way to track, no need to have bubble to fill out, just numbers, and you can cross out the last value that is no longer valid (I can’t cross out here on the forum)

If you are tracking the Main Starship, I also use Google Docs with insert checkboxes, and just share it with everyone, and I assign it the the Captain or CO to keep track of shields, power and other that way.