Pre-Supported APC?

I’ve seen that the APC apparently comes with pre-supported files on myminifactory. However I re-downloaded all the files I bought on the Modiphius shop recently and there were only the unsupported APC files.

Can we get an update please? Preferably for the other old files as well.

Its on my list.

The phase 1 of the STL product range was a little bit of an experiment.

Phase 2 (starting with the new products) is the more complete product where the files are both supported and unsupported.

As we move forward I will be updating the older products to match this, but it will take a little time as we have to send them off for setup etc.

So, yes there will be an update but please bear with me as I get things in order.


Wonderful, thank you. I’m looking forward to it!

The good news is I have the pre-supported files so I’ve got the web team looking into it now.

There are some products that I “don’t” have supported files for at present but I’m double checking and if they don’t exist I’ll get them off to be set up.