Player Characters of official shows

Is there any news when the player character and ship statistics for the shows of Discovery and Picard will be released? Including the statistics of the following ships and species:

USS Discovery (Sporedrive Talent)
Bookers ship (Quantum slipstream, and morph talents)
Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter “La Sirena”.

Player species:

Nope, no news yet. Orions are in the Shackleton book.

Oh right missed that. Sorry

Until an official writeup has been released, Cardassians (Alpha Quadrant, p. 76) serve as a very good stand-in, imho. In case of doubt, mix up with Vulcans (attributes are very similar) as Vulcans and Romulans have common roots.

That being said: I’m a bit surprised that there are no “official” Romulan Lifepath options. On the other hand, I’m constantly arguing for some kind of a Romulan sourcebook, so I should probably not be too loud about missing one page for Romulans… :wink:

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They do have the Attributes and Trait for Romulans on p.321 of the Starfleet Core Book and p.363 of the Klingon Core Book, so for now, you’d just need to borrow talents.

@JerichoholicNinja thanks, I missed these! “Guile and Cunning” and “Wary” (actually equivalent to the Cardassians’ “Suspicious by Nature”) seem like ample species talents.

Thus, I’d argue that Romulans already received their (complete) official write-up.

Yet, of course, this should be clarified in another publication. One dedicated to Romulans would be a good start. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :rofl:

Edit: Of course it is not a complete write-up. How should we know in which eras Romulans are present?! A Romulan sourcebook is needed, I rest my case. :smiley: :wink:

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Orions are included as a life path option in the Shackleton Expanse book.

Also: Saurian, Osnullus, Ba’ul, Barzan, and Rhomsew’s species (okay, we probably don’t know enough about that last one to actually write up the species).