Pit of Kutallu Question Samiras token

Not sure what this means, Token of Favor: Samiria has a relic amulet sacred
to the Kutallu, and revered by the cult. Once per
scene, she may brandish it to receive +1d20 (up to
the maximum 5d20) to inspire cult members with
a Social test. Why would a cult member take a social test? or does this mean she takes a social test and for each momentum can give them a momentum spend?

I think it means that if she succeeds in a Social test, the cultists may receive +1d20 once per scene, as long as that bonus d20 doesn’t exceed the max allowed 5d20.

It is quite simple. If she wants to inspire cult members and brandishs the token, she gets +1d20 on the Social test she has to make.

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