Pict / Lemurian sorcery - form of the beast

My concept for a recurring Lemurian npc Nemesis sorcerer is that s/he will be able to turn into a Forest Dragon having barkskin by touching an ancient tree and joining with it, as if a Tree Dragon of ancient times. I kind of see Lemurians as Druids(?).

I randomly rolled up a Plot Fulfillment and Location of “Horn of a Living Dragon” and Ruins in the Pictish Wilderness.

1. Does this nemesis sound Howardian?
  1. Rules as Written, how do i cast that?
    I was thinking an Epic Form of the Beast version, but didn’t know if that was enough. Maybe mixing in the Petty Enchantment Reinforced Fabric into the spell.

I am sooooo looking forward to the release of Spear and Fang sourcebook.

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