Penetration Momentum Spend & Spread?

A quick question as to how to rule the following, or if someone can point to a page reference that can give a definitive answer even better! :slight_smile:

When it comes to the Penetration Momentum spends, if you do an attack with the Spread option on an Array weapon, does the Resistance only get lowered against the main attack or for all the half damage attacks generated by Effects as well?

It effects all the attacks. I have no page number for that, I asked Nathanโ€ฆ

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Thanks, I suspected it might be the case (otherwise Spread could end up being near useless against ships with higher Resistances) but wanted additional input.

Inferring based on how each Effect is written on page 232

Piercing affects the attack and there is only 1 attack. Spread does additional hits but it is still only 1 attack.