Devastating Attacks and Spreads

This came up in last week’s session: the players’ ship scanned for weakness (gaining Piercing 2) before it attacked a Romulan warbird, got very lucky and rolled 14 points for damage, and 5 Effects (reducing Resistance by 10). The warbird had 14 Shields, and Resistance was reduced to zero by Piercing, so it takes 2 Breaches to its Engines.

They still had Momentum so spent it on Devastating Attack, and luckily rolled Engines again for the additional hit. Is this additional hit 7 points (half of the damage, and Piercing still applies), scoring 2 additional Breaches to the Engines because Shields are at 0, and they did more than 5 points? Or does Piercing not apply to the second hit Devastating Attacks?

I guess we were confused by the ordering of events and application of Resistance/calculating Breaches when it came to Devastating Attacks.

Also, does Spread work differently from Devastating Attack? When it says ‘resolved separately’, does it mean another damage roll? Or just that the same damage is applied to whatever additional system is rolled?


I understand that “Resolved Separately” is that you calculate damage and check for breaches on each hit.

From a previous thread elsewhere it has been confirmed that Piercing applies.

Thus the Devastating Attack is:
Damage 7 (Half primary)
Less Resistance 0
Total Damage 7

Check for Breaches:
Is shields reduced to or at 0? Yes - 1 Breach
Is damage 5 or Greater? Yes - 1 Breach

Total - 2 Breaches

Devastating attack is different as it does not add the additional damage from effects that Spread does

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