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Obtaining Cybernetics/Bionics during character chreation

Hi all,
Looking for some confirmation, that we interpret the rules in correct way:

Getting a bionic sculpts or cybernetic implants during play is clear - you spend 5xp for the talent and you pay some birrs for the implant. Does not make much sense, but if I have to explain why the XP cost is - adjusting the body to use the stuffs that didn’t come with you on birth. :slight_smile:

During character creation, some concepts, such as the Soldier, have talent Cybernetic Muscles (CYB) and gear cybernetic muscles (CYB). They can pick both or either of those. Picking both gives the benefit immediately and there is no need to pay anything. Picking the talent or the gear will require later to pay the XP cost for the first or the birrs for the second.

I presume this is how the rules intend to deal with those features during character creation?

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Yes - that is correct - talent/gear taken during character creation is free because it’s part of the character creation. (Note that by taking that talent/gear choice, they are giving up a different talent/gear choice.)

Also, if taken in character creation I would ask the player to draft a backstory that explains why/how they obtained the talent/gear. In fact, I’d do that for anything that’s out of the ordinary. You don’t have to explain how you got a tablet computer (“I went to the Pomegranate Store at the mall”) but you should explain how you got cybernetic muscles…

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Thanks for the confirmation!
I also have this approach when players try to obtain rare things, services or talents. Some things simply don’t happen out of the blue as in a PC game. :slight_smile:


Agreed. At a minimum, a backstory can provide you as GM with a potential plot hook…

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