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No first aid roll without Merdicurgy?

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Pretty much what the title sez… is a character incapable of utilizing even a «simple» (EZ 2 use) m-dose injection without having a score in the Medicurgy skill? Am I missing something?


Yes, on page 93 of the rule book it clearly states that a first aid test demands a medicurgy test.

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I think you get to house rule this, depending on the situation.

As a general rule, I would think about analogies in real life - what people can do at home, versus what has to be done by a doctor. Is an M-Dose injection the equivalent of injecting insulin? Diabetics do that for themselves all the time.

Now, you would need the skill to prescribe an insulin injection, because you would need medical training to know what size dose is appropriate. But perhaps in Coriolis, the field-kit M-dose unit has a means of discerning that - especially if it’s part of a personal kit, or part of a ship’s kit and is being used on a crew member.

Most importantly, I would gauge the need for Medicurgy skill against the drama of the situation.

1 - If you want to run a “beat the clock” adventure, where it’s vital to get someone to a medical facility before they die, then it makes sense to require Medicurgy skill to use this particular M-dose, at this time. (I would have to come up with a rational reason why this is so, however - and I would never run this type of adventure with a PC as the person whose life is on the line, because that would be zero fun for the player.)

2 - If it’s simply a case of, “Dose a PC to stop them from dying, so the heroes can continue to shoot it out with the temple guards” then I’d say let the players do that without requiring the Medicurgy skill, and then require them to seek medical attention immediately after the action resolves. In this case, the fight is the focus and the first aid is an aspect that adds to the drama.

May the Icons smile upon your game…

In the first session we had a man down and this character was the one with medicurgy. The injury was lethal and the time to get off the planes was insufficient to find proper help.

I house rules to allow first aid via m-dose without medicurgy, as from the description of the item it seems as stimpack - fire and forget. Including the m-dose that you can shoot people with. Yeah, you can hit the wrong spot, but that’s the risk :slight_smile:

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