New to Dune: Adventures in the Imperium

I don’t know whether this is something we do here at all or, if we do, whether it happens in some ‘other place’, but I feel as if I ought to introduce myself. {Mods - if it’s not okay, please do the necessary - or if it’s right but just in the wrong place, please put it where it should be!}

Hello! I’m Phil, and I’m a role-player. (Why does this suddenly sound like an AA meeting?)

Who am I? That’s a difficult question, because I don’t really define myself, as many folk do, by my ‘role’. But let’s say, for now, that I’m a fifty-something, retired, academic physicist. When I was working, I specialised in vorticity in quantum fluids (just don’t ask, okay!)

I’ve been a gamer, both miniature wargaming and roleplaying, since the mid-‘70s. Cut my teeth, as virtually everybody did back then, on original D&D, followed by a bit of Traveller and some Runequest. And been playing almost constantly ever since, with just a short break while I got my first degree under my belt. I’ve played a lot of different RPGs, but have tended to play mostly fantasy over the years… Though I have dabbled in Spacemaster (in a group consisting mostly of physicists - boy did that get ‘heavy’), a couple of different versions of Star Wars, some Traveller and Traveller: The New Era - I’m sure there must have been others, but clearly they weren’t very memorable, because I can’t remember them!

I read Dune when I was an undergraduate - one of the guys in my flat was reading his way through them, and I borrowed them as he finished them. I don’t remember a huge amount about them now. I watched, and sort of enjoyed, the David Lynch film… But what’s really brought me here, now, is the new, Denis Villeneuve, film, which we saw a couple of nights ago. I thought it was wonderful, and am looking for an excuse to go again (and for someone to go with - my wife is sure seeing it once is more than enough!). I really fancy roleplaying in the ‘environment’ portrayed in the film and book.

I’m new to 2D20 games. Our group is used to quite ‘high crunch’ RPGs - don’t really have a great record with ‘low crunch’ games, so I think I (and we!) have got a lot to learn. I’m kind of new (or recycled?) where the setting is concerned - but eager to learn… I look forward to interacting with folk, learning lots, and hopefully making new friends.


Hi Phil. I’m here too. Within less than a decade of your generation, I read the Dune 1st book in high school in 1990’s, co-read with my buddy. We had high ideas what it was all about back then. Different views now in 2021 with the new film. My group started playing Dune RPG in September. We are having absolutely a blast. If you want to come check out my group just message me and ask. We use Discord (texting app), and Roll20 (virtual tabletop, free website that supports Dune character sheet). I have already made several new Friends through this community. We game together, and discuss DUNE and anything related. We’re having a Dune party for Roll20CON (an online gaming convention) this weekend. There will be an Atreides Ball to attend, roleplaying IC… In-Character, on Friday night, tomorrow.

This game can be characterized as a Narrative based game, which can fall into “low crunch”. But this is a 2d20 game with a refined new version of 2d20. This is my first 2d20 game, like you. It’s really a “medium crunch” game. There is plenty of mechanics to sink your teeth into here. The game can also be played with lesser reliance on the dice/stats/numbers. It’s sort-of up to the group and GM. But it will get more-crunchy if you get into Conflicts mechanics, Skirmish, Dual, Extended Tasks. The lighter-crunch roll in this game is the basic Skill Check. A light-crunch game session can easily be played using nothing but skill checks and roleplaying narration. Then this game could lean more like FATE games. You really have a range of play-styles and rules-adhereance to choose and set for your group, with DUNE RPG.

Welcome and enjoy gaming! The movie is stunning, and there will be a Part Two in October 2023 so this setting should remain high in popular consciousness.



I’m also starting out with Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, been playing only D&D 5E (for about 5 years) as Table Top RPGs and slowly reading the books, I’m at Children of Dune now.
Would love to chat with people pasionate about Dune and RPG, especially on discord on Europe timezone.


The 2d20 gaming discord has a Dune channel where various things get bounced around. Some game related but just as often the books and world.
Pop in and join the madness. :crazy_face:


Hi Phil!

My name is Jo and I’m a role player.

Chorus: “Hello Jo”.

(It is like an Aa thing!). I read Dune at 16 and then along with my sister, took my mother to see David Lynch’s Dune when it first came out. (A million years ago). The theatre was packed (no one had room for a four metre space around them) and mum seemed to be along for the ride until … she saw the first sand worn and then cracked up laughing and we couldn’t stop her. Two mortified teenagers with a semi hysterical (as in laughing) mother. Throughout the years I’ve read Dune again and again, like I’ve done with Tolkien.

I’ve been roleplaying since I was 12, g-ming since my 20s. But over the past few years other than really loving the French RPG, Agone, there hadn’t been anything that’s jumped out at me for being outstanding. I run D & D from time to time, when my rp mates have a window but it’s it as often as I like and I can go for months without hearing the rattle of the dice.

I’ve been to see the new flic, and I love it. I’m reading the book again (also have it on audio book for the car when I’m running around doing my mum jobs) and here I am, on an rpg message board just about the have a wee rave about an rpg that I’m itching to run. I haven’t done this in years! It’s great to see that it’s not only the bright young things that are talking about this game. I’m so looking forward to exploring more of the system (the 2d20 mechanics look really interesting, I like the idea of the drives) and I’m going through the topics while I have a cuppa.

I’m new to the Imperium Phil but all the very best on your adventures!


Hi Jo!

Welcome! I wonder what made your mother laugh at the sandworms so much?

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Ah, i see i’m not the only one who re-reads books. I’ve read Dune probably some 30+ times, usually once per year at very least for nearly 20 years…

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@Jojo new-ish as well. Picked up the quick start at free rpg day and been ■■■■■■ ever since. have all the available physical copies so far. liked the 2d20 system so much that I have also gotten into and picked up stuff for fallout, Achtung Cthulhu and thinking about checking out Conan as well (though I am not a superfan beyond being a huge fan of the original schwarzenegger flicks so hopefully the lore is great and the game is fun :smiley: )

Welcome to you and anyone else here that’s new.

I’ve reread it a few times but not that many. :astonished:

I’ve been hanging around the forums pestering Andy for hints for a while.
It isn’t the first time I’ve run Dune, I took my group through it using the old LUG system back in the early 00’s. Still got the notes of their convoluted plans.
Now we are back it with some newer gamers and I’m looking forward to the schemes they are enacting this time round. I have a thread on it if you want to see what they have been up to.

Any questions just ask, the hive mind here will come up with a few good answers for any situation.


She said - her words - “they look funny.” :flushed:

It’s a good thing she didn’t see the SyFy channel series, the Benne Gesserit would have set her right off!

Is it just me, or is the series dreadful?

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Right there with you! I really like the freebie taster module from the modiphius. It was enough to give me a sense of what they are trying to do and be extremely motivated to find out more. Much to the surprise of the “Santa” I’m married to, dropping massive hints and an outright “yeah, I REALLY want to see this Christmas morning under the tree with my name on it”.

I’ve got a copy of Sand and Dust sorted, when they arrive in the country. And I think I will be bringing home the gym toolkit this week-ish as well.

So I totally get how you are feeling right now!

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It is called the “funny hats edition” for a good reason.
Given its clearly low budget, i think it does pretty good job, despite variety of weird stuff like the costumes, and weird lighting (and tilted camera for Harkonnen scenes). Some pretty good performances, the miniseries Baron is my favorite.

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As far as being very close to the book (as in plot), the tv series has that going for it.

And the Baron is more nuanced and not such a metaphorical moustache twirling cardboard cut out.

But the sets, the costumes and a lot of the acting leaves a lot to be desired from my seat on the sofa. Chani, the Reverend Mother, Stilgar, thufir and Gurney aren’t great.

But… this is just my opinion and in the great scheme of things, what do I Know???

The Freeman in their quilted sand suits look like they just stepped out of a local craft fair.

But all the key elements from the book are in that script which is more than can be said if the other versions.

It’s going to be interesting to see what will be covered in part of the current Dune movie in 2023.

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