Neutral/agressive creatures in "Into the wasteland"

. .Hello, the rule book gives 2 boards for creature behaviors : neutral and agressive but I don’t find any information about which creature is neutral and which one is agressive. I can figure that a brahmin is neutral and a yao guai is agressive but what about a bloodbug or a molerat ?

I think it was designed so you could choose what every you want your creature to be.
Apart from that, many factions are missing in those charts…
I always choose what would make sense for that creature

Hey both,

Given that Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is a narrative experience, I think we have a little room for creativity when applying either Neutral or Aggressive to Creatures.

As suggested for similar topics within Into The Wasteland, players can decide on a lot of the flavour elements for themselves and this is the same here. When using a Creature, feel free to apply either Neutral or Aggressive as you see fit - whichever fits your story better is the correct one to go for!

Ok thanks.