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Narrartor rolls complications

How should the narrator deal with complications he himself rolled? Does this create some sort of advantage for the PCs or should he ignore them?

One example: In a test fight a Warhoon monster rolled a complication while successfully defending himself from a melee attack by the Earthborn explorer.

The Narrator (usually) has to spend Threat to get rid of complications, per RAW.

So he cannoT use it, to create an advantage for the PCs?
And what if, he has not any Threat left to spend?

The Narrator can do whatever he wants to further the fun.

What I usually do, the few times I’ve been in that situation (no Threat), I make it more difficult for the NPCs, or take them out, depending.

I believe that rule is there to have the Narrator not have to remember one more thing.

I often allow my players to decide what happens, vetoing anything that seems to powerful or that dosent fit the action that was being performed by the NPC. It allows them to choose if they want something that gives them a slight benefit, or something they think will just be funny/interesting. 99% of the time players wont choose something that’s over the top, most pick something like dropping a weapon in combat, or slipping up with some minor info in social intrigue, or a minor thing that sets up something interesting for them (had one where player was fighting an NPC and I rolled a complication, they were on an airship so said the complication was the NPC stepping backwards putting his foot in the center of a rope coil. Set it up so next turn the PC could try and pull the rope coil tight to restrain the NPC).

Sometimes if its towards the end of a longer combat or one that’s gone on for a little too long, I’ll let it be a ‘NPC makes a fatal error’ kinda of thing.

Unless I’m low on threat or really want to show the PC’s that the situation is dangerous, I usually don’t add Threat to the pool, but that’s personal preference.


Returning to my example with the unlucky Warhoon…
Telling that he moved himself into an disadvantageous position which reduced the difficulty of the next attack against him by one, would be a viable possibility?

I dont see why not. There are excellent examples of complications in the corebook, I use them as guides.

Complications can be mechanical or narrative bonuses, its completely up to you as a GM.