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My first playtest

So, I started with the individuals meeting a commanding officer who asked them individually what they offered. Marksman shot hats off camels. Magic user teleported, but I added a magical side effect of the camel she teleported next to falling dead. This got the group used to the mechanics.

Then came the chase scene. With the distance between the vehicles, the unstable environment and no accrued momentum, no one was hitting anything. I rolled complications for all three vehicles, so I had the heroes reach a ruins from which they could get cover and fight commando style. The occultist used a paralyze spell that caused one Mercedes Benz to crash and explode. But the other Mercedes Benz fired the machine gun at the occultist, and a point of Fortune limited her injuries as she filled her stress track and took over 5 points of stress.
The social encounters were described so they seemed shady… who to trust stuff. I added to the Bedouin’s character that he wanted to marry Judy Garland. The occultist shared this fantasy.
So, they went to the cave, convinced it was full of demons. The group chose not to hide from the German surveillance plane, so they were reported. I had little time left, because the vehicular combat took so long… but it was slowed by everyone learning the system. A sandstorm came in, and the group could see a blue light coming from the cave, refusing to allow them to be lost. And that’s where we left it.
We didn’t get the equipment chapter, so we had to use the gear from the sample character. Any chance that will be coming out soon?