Mission build together. Crowd sourced Adventure

Here is a sample mission brief.
Take one small element and embellish the details. Describe the element for all five senses. A location, NPC, alien artifact, starship, shuttle craft, local market, domesticated pet, local food, political flash point, cultural holiday.

Something that gives the adventure flavor. Don’t try to do the whole thing. Just take on one small piece and see what the wisdom of the crowd yields.

Title: “Undercover Shadows”

Suggested era of play, The Next Generation era

Location, Planet Orellius IV, a neutral planet known for its exotic and rare resources. Antagonists: A covert organization known as the Shadow Syndicate, involved in illegal activities such as smuggling, espionage, and sabotage. Plot: The player characters are tasked with going undercover on Orellius IV to investigate the activities of the Shadow Syndicate, which has been causing disruptions in the region. The players must gather intelligence, uncover the Syndicate’s operations, and put an end to their illegal activities, while maintaining their cover and avoiding detection. As the mission progresses, the players uncover a larger conspiracy involving influential individuals and organizations, and must navigate a web of intrigue and danger to bring the culprits to justice.

Investigative Techniques (p. 105) - Players will need to use their investigative skills to gather intelligence and uncover the activities of the Shadow Syndicate.
Disguise (p. 102) - Players will need to maintain their cover and blend in with the criminal underworld of Orellius IV by using disguises and deception.
Encryption/Decryption (p. 99) - Players may need to break into the Syndicate’s encrypted communications and data to gather evidence and uncover their plans.

Major Beats,
Arrival on Orellius IV and establishing cover identities.
Gathering intelligence on the activities of the Shadow Syndicate through investigation, surveillance, and interactions with local criminal elements. Infiltrating the Shadow Syndicate’s operations and uncovering their illegal activities. Confronting the main antagonist(s) and bringing them to justice.

Minor Beats,
Dealing with rival criminal organizations who may be working with or against the Shadow Syndicate.
Interacting with local law enforcement or government officials who may be corrupt or involved in the conspiracy.
Navigating the dangerous and treacherous criminal underworld of Orellius IV, including engaging in games of chance or other risky activities to gain information or access.

Key Non-Player Characters,
Talaris Brax (p. 225) - The leader of the Shadow Syndicate, a cunning and ruthless individual with connections to influential individuals and organizations.
Captain Lariah Kalis (p. 240) - The captain of the Orellian Planetary Police, who may be a potential ally or adversary depending on the players’ actions.
Quixos Klang (p. 245) - A Ferengi entrepreneur and information broker who can provide the players with valuable intel on the criminal activities on Orellius IV.

Conclusion, The players successfully gather enough evidence to expose the activities of the Shadow Syndicate and confront their leader, Talaris Brax. The resolution of the mission depends on the players’ actions, but it could involve capturing Brax and bringing him to justice, dismantling the Syndicate’s operations, and ensuring that the conspiracy is exposed and dealt with appropriately. If the players’ actions deviate from the planned conclusion, the GM can adapt the ending accordingly, allowing for different outcomes and consequences.

Adding This Mission to Your Campaign:
This mission can be added to an ongoing campaign by incorporating it as a standalone adventure or as part of a larger story arc involving criminal activities or intrigue. It can also be modified to fit the campaign setting or era of play, by adjusting the location, NPCs, and plot elements accordingly. The mission provides opportunities for investigation, diplomacy, combat, and roleplaying, allowing players to utilize their talents and skills in a variety of ways to achieve their objectives. The GM can also use the minor beats and key NPCs as hooks for future adventures or as recurring elements

(I assume this is not the “Orellius” that Sisko and OBrien crashed on…?)

One of the Characters (Player Character or Support Character) has some past connection to Quixos Klang: mission, family, contact assigned through Starfleet Intelligence, whatever. Klang provides a covert, mostly secure location for an away mission first beam in, and a possible local base of operations if the Players are savvy, lucky, spend to Create Advantage, or similar.

The space is a long-abandoned temple made of dark, cracked masonry and dedicated to some deity of the bounty. Musty cushions are piled in corners, stained artwork and dusty statues and icons all done in earth tones are haphazardly stacked as if the spaces of the temple were roughly cleared by non-belivers. There is water dripping somewhere, and a few clever felines can be glimpsed from a distance watching any occupant of the space, just before they disappear around various corners. In what was probably the main celebratory space before the crystal chandelier came crashing to the ground there are two piles of boxes marked “deluxe casino supplies” in Ferengi script. There is a smell of moss and old (not unpleasant) incense, probably baked into the walls after generations.

There are cheap, portable sources of illumination (low tech camping lights) atop the crates and here and there on the floor providing just barely enough light.

Klang is planning to convert the space into a lucrative gambling spot when he has an infusion of capital, but for now he’s agreed with his contact to let Starfleet arrive on the planet. If the players choose to arrive in a different place or method besides beam in, this is where Klang could meet them when dealing in local information.

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