Missing Weapons cards from the PDF

There are a few cards which have not been included in the weapons cards PDFs. As far as I can tell, the list is:

  • Broadsider
  • Tesla Rifle
  • Indy’s Freezing .44
  • Protectron’s Gaze
  • Assaultron Blade
  • Mr. Handy Buzz Blade

Is there a chance that they could be added to the weapon cad PDF?

Indy’s Freezing .44 is part of a quest card.

The Broadsider is as well. I would assume that’s why they were missed when the official PDFs on the downloads page was created. I’m saying that it would be nice if these cards which are items, but not included as specific item cards, could be included in their PDF since they are legal to use in certain contexts.

Yes, the weaoons you mentioned are either quest rewards as the staggering pipe pistol, which is also not included in the pdfs, or they are part of the automatron card pack, which also isn’t included in the pdfs.