Missing ship combat and ship information in Conan the Barbarian?

I am refreshing my memory of ship combat rules in preparation for the incoming sessions, and I noticed interesting sidebar in Conan the Pirate that I have missed in my first reading of the book. On page 122 a sidebar states:

Conan the Barbarian provides a variety of ships for player character and gamemaster use. As presented there, some information relating to ship-to-ship combat is missing from their writeups, and is included here for reference.

I browsed the hardcopy and pdf quickly, but aside from the brief Nordheimer ship battles on page 64-65 there is nothing mentioned about shipts, ship lists or battles. :confused:

Am I missing something, or it is just that and the sidebar is confusing? :slight_smile:

The Gear & Equipment section (p22) has some information about naval transportation and also lists a few ships. The ships are included again in Conan the Pirate with updated stats.

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