Minimum character-count for Topic-Headlines

When I tried to create a topic called ‘Logs’ right over in the ST:A forum that meant to discuss logs (like, starlog, the recording, not the enormous chunks of wood they like to throw around in Scotland), I realized that the title of a topic has to count 15 characters, at minimum.

While this clearly is no important issue, it is a riddiculous, indeed.
Thank you for reading my senseless whining until the end of this posting. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

The reason for the minimum character requirement is to encourage a little more description in the titles. We get a lot of posts about things like Characters, Settings, Rules, etc. So if each of those posts were just called “Characters”, “Settings” and “Rules” they’d get a bit confusing. :wink:

If you can add a bit more detail to your title, then it helps it stand out and will get more people reading it!

Thanks! :modiblue: