Miniatures availability… have the Star Trek miniatures been discontinued?

Customer Service has replied and have contacted the factory team asking them to check for any spare figures left… so we will see if Q is feeling generous….

Any hope of STL for TWOK era uniforms?

Customer Service got back to me with their update…. no more figures available. Ah, disappointing. It is a shame that Trek figures did not sell well enough to continue and expand the line. I guess an RPG is not going to carry a line of figures really, maybe it needs a successful tabletop wargame to sell minis well.

I managed to get a box of Romulans from a mate online… now I need to track down those Klingon sculpts that I do not yet have. Qapla’!

The store has a few of the miniature sets in stock. Not sure if it’s the ones you’re looking for, but might be worth checking.

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Unfortunately not the Klingons, but thanks for letting me know.

For anyone who might be curious, I did finally manage to get a Klingon Warband by having a shop that would not post outside the UK send it to a mate of mine in the UK. He then sent it on to me and I have confirmed it has the long coat wearing captain. Qapla‘

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Yay. Congrats.

In a related note, I have seen a few knock-off, I-suspect-totally-unlicensed “3D print yourself” miniatures (STL files) available on places like Gumroad. Including a Klingon group.


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STA miniature STLs now available. First two sets are the TNG Klingons ad the TOS landing party. Both webstores have them, go check 'em out.

Star Trek Adventures - Print At Home - TOS Landing Party Set

This 3D print product lets you print 10 highly detailed, 32mm scale multipart miniatures of a Star Trek Original Series Starfleet away team for use with Star Trek Adventures the tabletop roleplaying game. This set contains one male officer and one female officer of the Andorian, Denobulan, Tellarite, and Vulcan species, as well as two Human (or humanoid) miniatures. Each of which are also available separately.



Star Trek Adventures - Print At Home - TNG Klingon Warband Set

This 3D print product lets you print 8 highly detailed, 32mm scale multipart miniatures of a Star Trek The Next Generation Klingon warband for use with Star Trek Adventures the tabletop roleplaying game. This set contains one captain, three lieutenants, and four warriors. Each of which are also available separately.




That looks kinda neat.

This is pretty cool. Shame the Feds are from TOS, I’ll be waiting on the TNG parties :slight_smile:


They’ll be along eventually.


If I end up buying a 3d-printer, Modiphius is amongst the first I’ll blame. :wink: :rofl:

@Modiphius-Jim I remember several “single” models. Any chance they’ll be available as STLs?


They do.

I’m not sure why they’re not with the others on the main page, but you can get to them via the products like this section.

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It mentions that we should download the free sample to test for compatibility…any ideas on how to find it?

Sampler STL file here: Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Print at Home - STL Sampler


Thanks for finding that! I’d assumed it’d be a Star Trek one, but makes sense since you’ve been doing Fallout longer.

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I was curious in a different thread, but I didn’t want to further derail it by asking more about STLs when the thread was really a wishlist of a few things, so I’ll ask here instead.

It was said that STLs were planned to be released for the existing mini lines they were selling.

So far, Borg, TNG Klingon War Band and TOS Landing Party have been released as STLs.

Am I to understand that Iconic Villains, TNG Away Team (UFP), TNG Main Cast (I’m not sure what the box set is called, I’ve just seen the figures of the main main characters around),TNG Romulans are planned for release? Are there others that I’ve not mentioned?

There were a total of 8 STA minis sets - Klingons, Romulans, Borg, TOS bridge crew, TNG bridge crew, TOS away team, TNG away team, Iconic villains.

Three have been released as STLs so far. The plan is to release the rest of them as STLs as well in 2023.

Thanks for the info!

@Modiphius-Jim I’m afraid the info might has been around in another thread, somewhere. Yet, for sake of completeness: The single miniatures will also be around as STL, sometime?