Miniatures availability… have the Star Trek miniatures been discontinued?

I have only become a member of the STA community recently thanks to the Humble Bundle PDF sale. Researching the miniatures I am having trouble locating various sets. Have they become discontinued?

Yep, no longer in print I’m afraid, and largely only available through third party sellers

If you have access to a 3d printer, there are some STLs you can use.

If you don’t, then there are some VTT stuff you could print off (or just use on a VTT), if that works for you.

Check both websites, and There’s a few minis still available, but most of the stock is long gone except at third party sellers.

No plans to reprint them but we are looking into selling STLs of the existing sets.

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If you do launch STLs, will you be announcing them here? Or where would be the most likely place to find out? I’d love STLs.

Is there an option where you keep talking about such things but still take my money? I’m asking for a meme prone to changes… :wink:

I’d LOVE STLs!!! :heart_eyes:

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Modiphius mainly make announcements via their email newsletter, social media and their Discord channel.

If you follow the STA announcements channel it will almost certainly be posted there.

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Definitely sign up for the newsletter.

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Disappointing but thanks for the information.

It would be brilliant to see Modiphius Team up with Wargames Atlantic (who is looking for more project partners) to create affordable multi-pose plastic Star Trek Universe miniatures in the future.

And more disappointing news… I managed to track down a box of Klingons and TNG Starfleet thanks to a tip online. Spirit Games in the UK had them so I got their last box of each.

Only… the Klingon box did not have the miniatures as advertised. Instead it had four of one sculpt, two pairs and to singles… but none of them were the long coat wearing Captain.

Photos and more info on my blog…

Some folks have recommended I contact Modiphius and Spirit Games to resolve the matter but considering the current costs of postage and these being out of production I do not see how they could resolve this.

Has anyone else had this problem?

How frequent are the newsletters? It says weekly, and I started receiving them in April, had two issues and then…nothing?

Weekly if not more frequent depending on what you signed up for.

I was surprised to find Spirit Games UK have given us a partial refund once I informed them of what happened. I definitely did not expect that! The money will be set aside to cover future attempts to track down that long coated Klingon Captain!

Try emailing There might be some random loose minis in the warehouses.

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I know that my LFGS - Clifton Road Games - in the UK also have a good supply of the Minis. Hopefully you can find a way to complete your collection without having to re-buy completely, but if not then theyre pretty reasonable.

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Jim, thanks. I have tried emailing support and the email was undeliverable due to maintenance on your end. I will try again later.

Mattcapiche, thanks for the heads up on that. Google searching did not bring that up but yes I see they have a bunch of minis showing in stock. I may have to buy another full box to get that Captain….

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I found all this really annoying, the cost was enough that I was buying them slowly, and I never could find the TNG Bridge Set.

As it happens, I do have the Klingon group, complete and unpainted though! I’d be willing to swap, if that’s of interest.

Yes, having these go out of production rather than seeing the line grow to cover new sculpts is very annoying/disappointing.

To be clear I do not have the TNG Bridge Crew, I have the TNG Away Team. However I think the shop mentioned above has the TNG Bridge Crew in stock still.

EDIT: Email to Modiphius Customer service sent…