Memorable Moments

We’ve all had them. Those sessions were everything just “clicked” and everything just went right. The ones where NOTHING went right, and epic failures ensued. The ones that were just plain hysterical! Or any combination of the above.

What are your memorable moments while playing/running a White Wolf campaign?

I’ll kick it off with some, and share more as we go…I got plenty!

The Good:
The brilliant idea someone had when trying to sneak multiple people into a location. Some people wearing oversized clothes, while those that could “Form of the Mist” did so, and filled out the rest of the clothes.

The Bad:
Going through airport security back in the day. Trying to get swords checked as luggage. First guy steps up and give story about being antique collector, blah, blah, blah. He’s all good. Next guy steps up, and despite traveling together, decides he doesn’t want to use the same story. Comes up with something ridiculous that I can’t even remember at the moment and leads to an utter masquerade breaking disaster that was SO bad the ST had to retcon it to be able to do anything but kill the lot of us.

The Just Plain Memorable:
So, we had a Malk that carried around and talked to a bronze lobster. She was going on one night about how the gerbils were out to get her and the uppity Ventrue of the party kept egging her on and talking down to her. Got her ALL wound up. My Tremere, decked out in his finest modern magick user attire, decided to defuse the situation. He offered the Malk a Ward vs Gerbil enchantment. She accepted. I promptly pulled some lint out of my pocket, and sprinkled it over the lobster while mumbling a few things. DONE!!

The Ventrue continued to be a jerk, and the emboldened Malk wanted an apology. Complete with a kiss from the Ventrue to the lobster. He refused, of course, despite everyone urging him to do it and get it over with. Finally, the Gangrel NPC (mentioned in another thread as looking like Vincent from the original Beauty and the Beast TV show) stepped up, grabbed the Ventrue by the back of the neck, and physically forced his lips to the lobster. Still covered in lint.

The Malk was estatic, and everyone but the Ventrue was happy to have it over and done with.

Oh yeah; this is perfect.

The Good;
Thanks to some hefty manipulation and spending of most of the boons I possessed, I shut down a city over New Years by inciting riots. In the chaos, my rivals were severely hampered, and the Tremere Prince - who I was certain was about to have me killed - went missing, presumed murdered. I strolled into the next Elysium and was practically offered Prince, which I turned down, opting for Seneschal instead.

The Bad:
After a series of exceptionally bad tests, I was out-Dominated by a Nosferatu. I was playing a Ventrue. I was laughed out of Elysium, and I’ll admit that I was salty about it.

The Memorable:
Too many of these to count. Okay; Dark Ages setting. The Toreador spend a fortune creating a beautiful stagecoach that they use to travel around the countryside from Elysium to Elysium. During this moment in the plot, an unnatural famine is drawing a lot of supernatural attention to the domain, so players are cagier than usual. One night, after Elysium, the owner of the Stagecoach invites all the present Toreador, and their best friends, to travel home with them in their super-safe stagecoach. So it was that a Stagecoach full of non-combat Kindred was ambushed by a pack of werewolves that ripped through the coach and chased all the inhabitants all over the countryside. Every single Kindred survived, but they all had to ride out the day in muddy huts, damp caves and crypts, all thoroughly ruining their expensive Elysium threads. The players loved it, as it played out like a comedy of errors. To this day, everyone refers to it as the Toreador Party Bus.

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