Mannimarco and Zombies

Hello, I have recently played with Mannimarco in a game, and one thing that came up was his abilities in relation to the Staff of Worms.

The Staff of Worms reads: “Summoning. Place a Reanimated Corpse at the target point, and assign an Upkeep Token to it. Reanimated Corpses within 3” of this model when they activate require no Upkeep."

However, Mannimarco’s abilities Black Souls (I’m assuming this is supposed to be Dark Souls) and Necromancy refer to Zombies, not Reanimated Corpse, or specifically Undead, as the Necromage ability refers to. His Master of Undeath ability does mention summoned Undead Creatures.

My question is are his abilities only effective for Zombies, not Reanimated Corpses, making his Staff of Worms weaker, and requiring him to take a Summon Zombie spell, or is this incorrect?

Edit: I should also mention that this is regarding the ESO Character Pack downloadable rules.


Hey @Vult_Avos

  • ‘Black Souls’ on Mannimarco should read ‘Dark Souls’.
  • Reanimated Corpses are Undead (it says as much on their Follower card). This means they would be effected by Necromage and The Staff of Worms but not Dark Souls or Necromancy, as neither of those rules reference the Reanimated Corpse directly.

This means he would need to purchase a spell that brings in Zombies but thats not different to other character who need to buy gear to make use of their abilities.


Thank you for the quick reply!