Lower Decks (sort of). An igNobel Scenario

There’s a scenario I have made for Lower Decks type characters:
Here’s the composition of the group:

  • A Janitor, with a family tradition of syndicalism, totally out of sync with Federation way of doing things, that wants equal rights for all workers. On several occasions he had irritated Ferengi (like in the Tobby the Targ scenario partially on Ferenginar)
  • An Orion biologist specialist of fungus removal in several parts of the ship fan of the Tobby the Targ
  • A routine maintenance engineer in charge of nothing critical mostly cafeteria food synthesizer programming
  • A door guard that is assigned at guarding a door for no reason at the start of every scenario, until the ship officers have passed next him

It’s based on the 2020 Ig Nobel prize of Management List of Ig Nobel Prize winners - Wikipedia

You can make your group play it if you involved your player with Ferengi working conditions several scenarios earlier or add a syndicalist NPC.

Plot summary: A Ferengi delegation will be recieved on the players Neranda starbase (a joint venture of Starfleet and Klingon Empire). The Great Nagus Zek is comming. They have several days to clean and decorate the Station. Fearing that the Ferengi delegation and the Great Nagus will be in contact with the dangerous syndicalist, a Ferengi Advisor Fedor hired another syndicalist from Orion this time to kill him before it’s too late.
Totally unrelated: on Ferenginar, the Tobby the Targ producers have commercialized the new Tobby Snacks. But because they have concern with profit margin they have not made all the health related required test and snacks are dangerous for Orions (and maybe another player race if you got no Orion in your players).

The whole scenario is based on the collision of the two facts.
Scene 1: The Ferengi delegation is announced and the players have to clean and decorate the station
Scene 2: In my play the scene was not played, one of my player was sick I had to improvise and the other players had to found what happened. From my sick player point-of-view It’s the new Tobby the targ episode tonight. You know that the episode is about the new Tobby snacks. You have to have them for watching the show. Maybe they have arrived on the station. You can have them in the Quack licensed bar on the station.The episode was fun, a Scoobydoo chase one with the new Tobby snacks. But after the end the player became comatose. The other players trying to contact their friend found him on the floor and evacuate him at the med bay.

Scene 3: There’s a start of a panic in medbay. Several people fell sick. All the Orions on the base are comatose (including but unknown to the players the Orion killer). The medic team or the players have isolated a Ferenginar’s origin virus and they may trace the origin to the Tobby Snacks. The player is healed (because in my next session the player was there) but still shacking, some others like the killer are still locked in medbay, awake but too sick and still contagious. The plan of the killer has suffer some delay and the player will have to find what he has done to do the contract nevertheless.

Scene 4: The Ferengi are here. Keep your player busy, resolving problems with toilets, serving good meals at the banquet after having a very basic and insipid dinner and so on. In the evening the syndicalist player received a hand-written note from a Ferengi (he knows nothing just been paid) with an appointment for the day after in the morning at the public garden.

Scene 5: The appointment is with what seems a male Ferengi. It’s in fact the Great Nagus wife disguised. She heard about the syndicalyst propaganda, and want sex equality, syndicate representation and just remuneration for all Ferengi. She ask him to attend a meeting to expose his beliefs in the afternoon. She’s also afraid because she heard rumors that several Ferengi factions want the character dead.
The meeting includes several Ferengi from the local bar, several low members of the delegation, some low level Klingon and some Starfleet lower deck people too (for the free food and booze mostly).
At the end the player meet a Ferengi Lakou who attend the meeting (try to play on player nerves a bit before that, he’s supposed to be a killer) who will give X latinium if the player disappear in his room for the duration of the Ferengi delegation presence on the station. If convinced the Ferengi confessed that he was paid 2X by a Nausiccan to kill him but he found the risk was too high for so few money and that’s why he tried to make a deal with the player. He met the Nausiccan yesterday at the Ferengi bar. He talked to the Ferengi because he was drunk after losing too much money at the bar and started a bar fight and the Nausicann tried to make a deal with the Ferengi employee because he will be chased by Starfleet security and can’t do the contract he has to do.

Scene 6: The nausicaan Kramar Koto
The Nausicaan if the player search was in fact arrested tb station security and is in custody. He"s angered because he lost most of his money. He accuses the Quark bar boss of cheating and destroyed a good portion of the bar.
They have to negotiate with the Ferengi boss to give-up his complaint for goods destruction (Free work from the players, more money and so on). As a side note the Ferengi boss isn’t a cheater but used legal means to make players lose their money including high alcohol rating beverages, buxom dabo girls and other casino tricks.
If freed the Nausican was paid 8X to kill the player but after losing his money he only have 2X left to subcontract the job
He was paid by a Klingon he didn’t know before in shuttle bay 27 two days ago

scene 7: the klingon K’Mala
If the player accessed the security cameras or locate communicators at this date they may identify the Klingon. It’s a security officer of the Klingon part of the station.
If they meet him he has to be convinced. At the end he may tell his tale. He has been asked by an old friend to kill the player, he was bound by his honor because this friend saved his life several years ago. He doesn’t want to be involved in an assassination and searched in the computer base for someone to sub-contract the killing, and took no commission on the 8X, he’s an honorable Klingon.
If the players search or are very convincing they may find that the Klingon was saved from a Orion slaver ship by Bartabas an Orion. The Klingon was called three days ago by Bartabas an orion actually in sickbay, this can be find in communications logs.

Scene 8: The Orion Bartabas
Bartabas is still in sickbay.
The player may find that he was paid 16X to kill the player, but because he was too sick he has to find a way to kill the player by a Ferengi Zakou. The Orion will not talk easily but they may also track the money

Scene 9: The Ferengi Zakou
He is still on Ferenginar. He was paid 40X by a counselor of the Nagus, Fedor his uncle, to kill the player. The Nagus has nothing to do with the killing, it’s a personal initiative of Fedor because the prospectus the player have printed have made him lose too much latinium. Because Zakou doesn’t want the assassination to be tracked back to him or his uncle Fedor he subcontract the killing to the Orion.
The wife of the Nagus can help to trace the money. The Ferengi fiscal administration can be involved too.
As a sign of fate Lakou the end of chain wannabee assassin that made the final deal with the player is in fact the grand-son of Zakou so it can be used as a leverage mean.
If all goes well Fedor will be removed from the Nagus entourage.

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