Looking for a Playthrough Video series

I am looking for a long-running Video series campaign for me to watch and learn from

Normally I would watch Shield of Tomorrow/Clear Skies HOWEVER They have been pushing their own Politics a little to heavily in their streams and I want my escapism to be Real Life Politics free so if someone has a good suggestion for one i might start watching instead that would be awesome

Hear Hear! I agree with you, @TheDefiantPirate. While I support everyone having their own political views, the spewing of such opinions is not why we tune into Shield of Tomorrow, Clear Skies, Blood of the Void, or other such shows. We tune into them to enjoy the playing of Star Trek Adventures and the stories that the various “series” tell. The folks of these shows should keep in mind that not everyone has the same political positions that they do and we are the ones who keep them employed. After all, if it were not for the following that they have, they would not receive the funding they do to keep their various shows running and they would have to move on to doing something else.

Eric, Sam, Gina, Hector, Aliza, et al., have the political views that you wish but please do not push them on your viewers. There are many among us who neither want nor are interested to hear about them. We are able to form our own opinions which may well differ from yours and we have no desire to be assaulted (dare I say insulted) by having to sit through that malarkey when trying to enjoy a few hours of escape from modern-day life on this mudball called Earth.

Did you guys ever actually watch the show…?


There are some playthroughs on the official Modiphius Youtube channel:

Having interacted with Eric previously and having followed the Streampunks for a while, I’m pretty sure their reply to this would be to say thank you for giving their show a go, but if you have a problem with their politics then they are fine with you not coming back.

There’s plenty of options out there, and not every show is for everyone


@Sparky the moment that it got to be too much was the clear skies episode where they were fundraising money to pay the bail of Rioters last summer

@Shran I will give these a go thanks

@TheDefiantPirate agreed. I was trying to get caught up on their episodes, having learned about Clear Skies only after they had been airing for a while, but when I came across that silliness, it made me reconsider whether to continue to watch their show. All the stuff they pushed up to that point grated on my nerves but I could tolerate it. However, raising bail money for the rioters was just over the top. My time is better spent watching the grass grow in the dead of winter than supporting such political BS by patronizing their show, especially when it has nothing to do with the show itself.

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Well, to each their own. I always thought that everything I noticed about contemporary politics in their show was promoting core values of Star Trek (being anti-discrimination first and foremost). I have to admit that I am sometimes missing a ‘harsher’ tone or two when it comes to chain of command and discipline aboard the ship. They are a bit too much a happy family where a bit of counseling solves all problems. But, again, Star Trek is a utopia, so it’s probably fine for me.

Yet, the notion of “we are the ones who keep them employed so they should be silent about their political views” is presumtious, at best. The ones who keep the Streampunks employed are those paying for the show. Were you, @Sparky ? If you were, by the way: Thank you for bringing me good Trek. :slight_smile:

Who is ‘we’, here? I, personally, tune in to their shows to enjoy Star Trek, which always was a political utopia about equality and respect.

Having said that: There’s a guy over at Continuing Missions going by ELH who runs (ran?) several streamed games. The Star Trek Adventures Resources Fandom Wiki lists some actual plays (yet I have not checked whether it is still up to date (probably not). And last, but not least: I’m pretty sure that searching for “Star Trek Adventures” at YouTube and/or Twitch will supply you with some shows.

I hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Respectfully submitting our own groups efforts in learning and enjoying the 2D20 system as part of the crew of the U.S.S. Livingstone

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@firelock Thank you I will check it out!

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Our next episode streams live this Wednesday night at 2130BST, what will we find on that Klingon station??