List of Changes in the Updated GM Screen product?

Just saw the updated GM screen PDF. Is there a list of changes for this publication so that comparing each page for changes against the original won’t be necessary? Thanks!

I do not particularly have that exactly, but I had an update to the cube bundle that included a high res PDF map of the quadrants. As the Screen comes with a poster map I would suspect that it is the same.

Good morning

Yes we have added the Map of the quadrants to the file.


@Modiphius-Lloyd thank you!

Apologies, which file? Only for the Cube purchasers?

For people who have purchased the Star Trek GM screen, or the Borg cube, we have included the Quadrant Map that comes with both products.


I can confirm it’s in the main DriveThru version for the screen - downloaded it on Saturday (and very much appreciated it is!)

How do those of us who ordered directly from Modiphius rather than DriveThruRPG obtain this?

Would that be with the SendOwl links?

Modphius usually send out an email when the file is updated, but it may be worth trying to redownload from your previous link anyway. It may have the updated files.

You can also email any time and get assistance.

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Hey Mike!

Yes you should have the link on your Modiphius Sendowl Link. If you don’t let me know!

Just got it! Thanks Lloyd, you are The Man!