LF4P | Conan the Scout 2d20 | NPW | Astral Tabletop | flexible Schedule

Game / System: Conan 2d20 in an Age Undreamed Of

Schedule: EST , usually 3-hour sessions; time negotiable, but usually run no later than 19:00-22:00 hours; an early game of say 6:00-9:00 hours or 16:00-19:00 hours may be possible during Weekdays. Weekly or Biweekly. A Bi-Saturday night game may be possible.
I am in a Bi-Thursday night game, but the other bi-Thursday is open.

Theme: Conan the Scout, Westermarck (Texas) Rangers ; Aquilonian Frontier Life, Pictish Wilderness; Sword and Sorcery.

Platforms: Astral beta, Astral video beta?, Discord

Players needed: Four (4); 2d20 and Conan beginners welcome! Considerate children also welcome. Come check out Astral Tabletop.

Rules: As Written , not afraid of house-ruling; still learning and haven’t GMed for over a year, but Conan 2d20 is my default system; previously GMed Conan 2d20 on another vtt for 2ish years.

Style of Play: serious fun; Mute is your friend; zoned battlemaps and range-banded images; Conan music, remixes;

My purpose is to run some short Oneshots to teach the system and in order to find an eventual group for the not-yet-but-announced Officially Published Campaigns coming this year sometime.

Kindly, Randall S. (Astral) Randall#9650

Here is the tutorial video for Astral’s Conan sheet I made so you can see the process: https://youtu.be/a3zQadAGpoY

Note, this video is for the template and and not for my Improved Painted sheet.

Edit: If anyone knows, how does it compare to other Conan vtt sheets?

Hey there! What days are you planning on running it?

i edited post to be more specific on days/times.

When enough people are interested, we can work it out together.

I am tentatively interested, but I could probably only make Sunday to Thursday nights (which would be weekday mornings for me). Please let me know if you get a group together!

I’d be down for some Conan! I’ve never played but I have the book(read through a few years ago). I have started to re-read it, but if there are any particulars I should focus on I’m open to suggestions.
I just made an account after shopping+seeing this post, so PM/reply if you would like me to join.

When i see 4+ people interested - you’re 2nd - i’ll follow up with a scheduling query, but consider yourself in game for nwo.

Awesome! I’ll look at the vid for Astral, and delve into Scout a bit.

@Gymnosophist @AroBa

Please message me (see original post) your own usernames via Astral and i will invite you to the game i am working on; we can then work on a time to make chars together. Making a character will also help familiarize yourselves with Astral vtt. If you have time, watch the tutorial video linked above, preferably at 1.5 speed (after the minute intro song!).

We will be using Alt char creation Lean Times in Tarantia (p51) and focusing on the soon to be avaialable scout soucebook - i am ks backer and have that book so we can talk about what Archetypes are in it if you so choose.

Sent you a PM of my username in Astral and I watched the video Tonight I’m going to give rolling a character in Astral a go.

Just took a quick look at Astral and created an account. Seems pretty cool! I couldn’t figure out how to send PMs tho so perhaps you can send me one? My username is the same as here, Gymnosophist.


i sent you an invite to game. When your name registers on the forum, i will add you to a post thread on support.astraltabletop.com that has some general info.

pms are done on support.astral…, their forum website. took me some time to realize you couldn’t pm via the main app.astral…

when you join game, i will get you a char sheet.

i can’t find Gymnosophist in Astral.
What is your username for Astral?

I’m pretty sure it’s the same username, at least, that’s what is says on my profile. Anyway, I received the invite so I think you must have found me in the end!

there must be a bug, i reported it.

@Gymnosophist gave you a sheet.

if anyone wants a walkthrough of the sheet, i can jump in a call. also link in Notes to video walkthrough.

let me know if any problems.

ATTENTION: i have to cancel this game.

Unfortunately, Astral Tabletop is not as far along as other vtts in regaurds to functionality and cannot support features I require as someone who is a Gamist/Simulationist before a Narrativist. Therefore, before i get oot locked into Astral, I am switching to Foundry vtt.

I have spoken with someone who is working on a Conan system module for Foundry and plan to convert my Conan Game to it when it goes public. Alas, this will take time.

I apologize for the false buildup.

No worries. Please keep me posted. I’m still interested! Even created a tentative character! :slightly_smiling_face: